Using longer titles and words to rank higher in search engines does this still work ?

Was just curious if this sort of writing was working to rank higher in search engines,I know that in the past you could just write lots and lots of dribble stuff it with long or unusual words and you would rank high for that phrase.

Obviously depending on what you wrote  about would be the key to success because no body actually searches for rubbish right.Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and see what works and what does not.

Today i am just filling in the words in no particular way just chatting and have no agenda on this post i will not even include  any particular keywords or add any links or social back links to it and i am just curious how it will rank and what it will rank for.

I find that if one tries to hard to get it all right and put in to many words all pointing to the same boring main keyword then search will punish  rather than give you points.The best way seems just to write stuff that has no agenda or goal but just something new and different to what everybody else is doing.

So here i go just writing general stuff to see how it ranks and then in the future we can access what we are doing correct and what is wrong,To many trying to get to the top for the same old things. everyone grabbing what they can from affiliates. to be honest the big players will always be the big players,because they have been making money online for years the rest of us just get the scraps.

They say that they now want more words that is not the same as everybody else content but to be fair half of the stuff you find is all re written or copied  or both all just trying to out rank each other for the same old stuff over and over really what is the point even on the big social sites it is all the same re written news or content the same pictures that have been photo shopped and re done or the same you tube videos  if your honest you will see this.

The Conclusion

After all words of wisdom i shall now close this post and see what Big G and other engines do to it maybe it will be on page one or not w even picked up only time can tell hope you all have a nice day SEO Top Of Search

Forgot to add my non interesting video that i nicked from You Tube and  my boring photo that is from google images here you go